Bone Assessment (DXA)

Bone Densitometry (DXA)
There exist two bone mineral density measurement devices in our department:
  • DPX-NT model GE-LUNAR Brand measurement device located in Osteoporosis Diagnosis and Treatment Unit

  • QDR 4000 model HOLOGIC brand measurement device located in the outpatient clinic facility of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department of Istanbul Faculty of Medicine

  • In addition, calcaneal quantitative ultrasonography (QUS) device is available in the laboratory of our general outpatient clinic used for the screening of osteoporosis.


Bone densitometry measurements are performed by radiology technicians in weekdays within the working hours. Bone densitometry measurement is performed for patients followed by our Osteoporosis Treatment and Diagnosis Unit or general outpatient clinic as well as to those referred by other departments.