Case Presentations

CASE PRESENTATIONS are presented in the first three Tuesday every month between 8.30-9.30. The cases to be presented are selected a week ago by the suggestion of the residents and confirmation of the lecturers responsible from the inpatient unit and/or outpatient clinic.

Usually, two cases are presented in each conference. One of the cases is selected among the inpatients and the other among outpatients. It is preferable that one of the cases is to be from patients requiring orthosis-prosthesis. A short presentation is also made about rarely seen health cases.

The applications of “Evidence-based Medicine” and valid treatment guidelines are fundamental to the determination and/or discussion of the treatment. In each conference, progressions about the cases in the previous conference are briefly mentioned.

Case reports presented in powerpoint “ppt” format are converted to the word “doc” format to be archived. At the end of the each year, all presentations are written on a CD and disseminated to the participants.