Hand Diseases


Aydan ORAL
, MD, Professor
Dilsad SINDEL, MD, Professor

Purpose of Establishment

  • To establish a diagnosis for hand diseases which constitute an important health problem and which may involve functional restrictions, disability and loss of active work force
  • To practice the current therapies and rehabilitation methods for hand diseases and injuries
  • To closely monitor the treatment of the patients and to facilitate restoring daily activities and accelerating return to work process
  • To inform patients about the diagnosis and the treatment of the disease and prevention for disease relapse and advancing to chronic state
  • To provide academic training and within this context, to plan and conduct scientific researches

Working Days

“Hand Diseases and Rehabilitation” outpatient clinic, which is located in the outpatient clinic building of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department of Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, serves every Monday between 13.00-16.00.

How to Apply?

Patients having sustained tendon injuries in hand, wrist or forearm, those with hand-wrist involvement secondary to repetitive use and those with inflammatory or degenerative disease involving hand-wrist are first examined in the general outpatient clinic and directed to the “Hand Diseases and Rehabilitation” outpatient clinic, if indicated.

What We Do

Examination and evaluation forms of the patients are completed by the team, required investigations are ordered, a diagnosis is established and a treatment plan is constructed. Each patient is evaluated individually to set the short- and long-term goals; various treatment options are practiced such as physical therapy, orthosis, prosthesis, medical treatment and drug injections. The patient is closely monitored during and after the treatment and he/she is asked to come for control visit with certain intervals.