In Turkey, as well as in the world, physical medicine and rehabilitation was first practiced in the military hospitals. Our physical medicine and rehabilitation department, which is the earliest clinic apart from the military, was founded by Ord. Prof. Dr. Osman Cevdet ÇUBUKÇU.

Osman Cevdet ÇUBUKÇU

Mr. Çubukçu, after being graduated from the medical school in 1918, attended Neuropsychiatry clinic as an assistant in times when the establishment of joint military and civil medical school was located in Haydarpaşa, then he continued as chief assistant in the same clinic and was assigned as associate professor in 1927. Mr. Çubukçu was sent abroad to France in 1929 in order to expand his knowledge and experience in physical therapy and he worked with eminent professionals of their time such as Bourgignon and d’Arsonval, and he made observations in the spas of Vichy. On his return to Turkey in 1930, he was assigned to establish Physical Therapy Institute in Civil Medical School (Tıbbiye-i Mülkiye) and designated as associate professor.

His assignment in Darülfünun Faculty of Medicine continued until 1933. He remained assigned after the University Reform executed in 1933 and acquired an inpatient clinic with 35 beds but not before 1945, the year medical school was moved to its current location in Çapa, and the institute was renamed as Physical Therapy Institute and Clinic.

In 1957, İsmet Çetinyalçın, on his return to Turkey after studying rehabilitation in the United States of America, started to work in Physical Therapy Institute and Clinic in coordination with Prof. Dr. Osman Cevdet Çubukçu. In 1961, the entire clinic was reorganized as to accommodate conducting medical rehabilitation and renamed as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic after which rehabilitation for paraplegia, hemiplegia and poliomyelitis has soon begun.  

Our department is the first academic chair in Turkey to take the name of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. From that date forward, associate professors in this chair have been entitled to assume the title of associate professor for “Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation”.