Journal Clubs

Journal clubs are conducted on the first Tuseday of each month between 09.30-10.30, which takes an important part in residency training program.

Objectives of Journal Club:
  • To make the residents familiar with the journals of PM&R discipline
  • To provide residents with an opportunity to criticize PM&R literature from academic and methodological perspective
  • To enhance the knowledge of residents about PM&R and to promote knowledge sharing
  • To enrich the knowledge store of the residents as a preparation to BOARD exams
  • To provide the opportunity of practicing research data on patient care
  • To raise the residents’ interest for research
  • To habituate residents to lifelong continuing education on the field of PM&R
  • To highlight the research fields in PM&R
  • To improve effective training and presentation

The Standards of Journal Club:

  • Two residents present two separate articles in each meeting
  • Time limit for each resident is 30 minutes
  • The articles to be presented in the journal club are selected by the lecturers responsible from Residency Training Program. Selected articles include the disease groups encountered in PM&R practice. Research types may vary from basic sciences to clinical researches.
  • The residents available at the presentation and all participants are expected to have read the article beforehand and to contribute to the discussion part.

Presentation includes the following sections:

  • Information about the title of the article, authors, institutions and the journal
  • Learning objectives of the presentation
  • Objective/rationale/hypothesis of the research and the question raised
  • Research design
  • Results
  • The contribution of the results to the PM&R discipline/to our practice
  • Strengths and limitations of the research, unanswered questions
  • How could we conduct a study on this topic?