Manuel Therapy


Cihan AKSOY, MD, Professor (Founder)
Demirhan DIRACOGLU, MD, Professor


The history of manual medicine dates back to B.C. 400, the time of Hippocrates. “Manual Therapy” is the use of hands to correct movement restrictions, functional disorders. The medical branch with a scientific approach to manual therapy is referred to as “Manual Medicine”, which investigates and explains the applications methods and their impact with the light of current knowledge.

The purpose of manual medicine is to restore body mechanics and to provide painless movement and function with an appropriate posture. For this purpose, the reasons underlying the functional disturbance and the resultant chain reactions and block are determined by the use of manual medicine techniques and the most appropriate manual therapy is performed according to the location and direction of the involved block. Today, 18 million people in USA undergo manual therapy procedures every year.

Purpose of Establishment

The purposes of establishment of Manual Medicine are;
  • To practice the examination and treatment methods of the manual medicine on suitable patients
  • To ensure widespread study and practice of the examination and the treatment methods of manual medicine by the Turkish physicians according to the modern scientific criteria and in a manner accepted in the world
  • To follow the advances in manual medicine and to conduct scientific researches
What We Do
  • Patients referred to the Manual Medicine outpatient clinic are first manually examined and a “manual diagnosis” is established
  • A suitable manual treatment method corresponding to this diagnosis is chosen and applied
  • Manual therapies are repeated when needed
  • Every patient is followed with certain intervals
Who Can Apply?
  • Patients with headache and neck pain
  • Patients with lumbar pain
  • Patients with pain in shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle

NOTE: Many diseases may cause such symptoms. Your physician can decide on your eligibility to manual therapy only after examination.

Working Days

Manual medicine applications are performed in the outpatient building of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department of Istanbul Faculty of Medicine every Wednesday from 13:00 to 16:00.

How to Apply?

After scheduling an appointment from Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department of Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine by dialing  0 (212) 414 20 00, patients examined by the physician in the outpatient clinic are directed to the manual medicine outpatient clinic, if indicated.