Aydan ORAL, MD, Professor
Dilsad SINDEL, MD, Professor

Purpose of Establishment
  • To determine the reasons of dysfunction in patients having undergone axillary dissection together with partial or modified total mastectomy
  • To provide patient training for prevention of shoulder joint movement restrictions and lymphedema of the arm that may occur at the early period and to teach and apply appropriate exercises
  • To treat lymphedema at the late periods by means of pharmacological and/or non-pharmacological methods
  • To determine the status of the bones in patients who have used drugs affecting the bone metabolism
  • To educate the research residents on this topic
  • To conduct scientific researches about post-mastectomy rehabilitation

What We Do
Patients admitted to the post-mastectomy rehabilitation outpatient clinic are evaluated for shoulder function disorders and then trained for appropriate exercises. They are provided with training for lymphedema of the arm. Patients with lymphedema are given treatment with devices applying gradual pressure and/or lymphedema massage. Bone status is determined in patients receiving aromatize inhibitors and appropriate treatment is initiated, if indicated.

Working Days

“Post-mastectomy rehabilitation outpatient clinic” works on an appointment calendar and serves on Thursdays between 09:30-12:30.

How to Apply?

Patients having undergone an intervention to the axillary lymph nodes together with partial or total mastectomy can request an appointment from our Post-mastectomy Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinic by dialing 0 (212) 414 20 00/32102. Our outpatient clinic usually serves to the patients referred from the Breast Outpatient Clinic of the General Surgery Department.