Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit


Resa AYDIN, MD, Professor
Establishment Purpose of Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit
To solve the physical, mental, psychological and social problems of the disabled children in Turkey and to develop and generalize comprehensive, durable and modern rehabilitation approaches conforming to the circumstances of our country.

Goals of Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit

A- In our Department:
  1. In the Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit, providing service to the patients with neuromotor retardation, establishing specialized outpatient clinics such as pediatric rheumatology, pediatric orthopedics and pediatric oncology and to provide health care to outpatients
  2. Providing inpatient treatment and rehabilitation to patients who needs
  3. In patient evaluation, following treatment and rehabilitation algorithms eveloped in accordance with the circumstances of our country
  4. Supply of human resources to provide reliable occupational therapy, speech therapy, and orthesis therapy, psychological and social support apart from physical therapy
  5. Taking on a task in the education of research residents and medical students
  6. Conducting scientific researches on pediatric rehabilitation

B- At the Faculty:
  1. At the short-term: Conducting joint conferences and planning collective researches with the other departments or divisions dealing with disabled children in the Istanbul University; i.e. Orthopedics, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatric Rheumatology and Pediatric Oncology
  2. At the long-term: Making efforts to establish multidisciplinary Disabled Children Centre within the body of the faculty
C- At the Nation Level:
  1. Conducting joint conferences with the specialists studying on disabled children at the Faculties, Training and Research Hospitals and State Hospitals in Istanbul, and enabling the establishment of modern evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation approaches conforming to the circumstances of our country
  2. Establishing service network for disabled children in collaboration with the specialists operating within the relevant institutions in Istanbul
  3. Planning for and executing joint patient school, family support programs, post-graduate training programs and scientific researches by establishing a Work Group in Istanbul

Working Days

The patients are examined in the Pediatric examination room in the Outpatient Clinic of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department on Tuesday and Thursday between 09:00-12:30.

How to Apply?

Patients scheduling an appointment via phone or internet are examined in the general outpatient clinic of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. They are, then, directed to Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit for long-term follow-up and rehabilitation.