Principles of Education

Dear Colleagues, Students and Friends,

Welcome to Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. As being the first chair of physical medicine and rehabilitation in Turkey, our department continues to serve our country by conducting researches, training specialists and providing patient care since its establishment. It is our department which has closely followed the advances in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, practiced as well as contributed to the novel methods in the world since its establishment. Our goal is to enable our students to acquire the basic knowledge of our branch, to observe our branch together with its interactions with the other branches, common and connected points and team work comprising physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, nursing staff, psychologist and social care specialist and to adopt our basic principles in your professional life. To achieve this goal, we will be working with you in two separate buildings together with 11 lecturers, two chief residents and our residents.

Our Mission is to equip the medical students with the knowledge of basic field of interests and treatment options in physical medicine and rehabilitation,
  • To build-up preventive medicine in primary care for pediatric and geriatric patients requiring rehabilitation,
  • To make the other physicians attending other specialty programs familiar with joint studies by acquiring the knowledge about the fields of interests and activities in physical medicine and rehabilitation,
  • To practice the basic knowledge of physical medicine and rehabilitation with the knowledge of its place in and contribution to algology, rheumatology, geriatrics and rehabilitation branches.
Our Vision is to equip the physicians graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine with the basic notion of physical medicine and rehabilitation, who would set a precedent for the physicians having graduated from the other medical faculties.

Operational Principles of Student Education to Achieve These Goals
  1. Practical trainings for students are mainly conducted by the lecturers.
  2. Lecturers promote the participation of the students in theoretical and practical lessons by group studies.
  3. The trainings are provided in outpatient and inpatient clinics with one-to-one bedside visit and patient examinations.
  4. Our students have the freedom to actively participate and direct the program with their own ideas.
  5. Theoretical and practical exams are being performed.
  6. Theoretical exam consists of multiple-choice test with one correct answer and practical exam is a structured oral exam. A list of examination methods demonstrated on practical training as the target learning skills is provided to the students. The student is instructed to practice the skill which is randomly selected in the oral exam. The exam is scored by collective review and joint decision of two lecturers. The main focus of the practical exam is the ability to practice a particular skill and not the informed knowledge of the examinee.
We wish you an efficient internship and would like to remind you a fact that all our lecturers and residents here are available to provide you a better education and that our doors will always be open whenever you need us.

Aysegul Ketenci, M D, Professor
Medical students training supervisor