Spinal Cord Injury


Ayse YALIMAN, MD, Professor

Purpose of Establishment
  • To manage the treatment of patients suffering from spinal cord injury sustained from various reasons such as traffic accident or fall from height
  • To prevent or treat potential acute or chronic problems of the patients that may occur
  • To set the individual, family and public targets of the rehabilitation and to assist the patient and his/her family to meet this target
  • To present the patients the best treatment opportunities by collective management with various branches (such as urology, psychiatry)
  • To make contribution to raise the public awareness for taking into consideration and solving the problems of the patients with spinal cord injury

What We Do
  • Comprehensive evaluation of the patient is performed by a team comprised of the responsible lecturers and residents who then complete the examination and evaluation forms
  • Medical problems of the patients are identified and the required investigations are ordered
  • In consequence of the evaluation and analyses, various treatment options are applied such as physical therapy, exercise, orthosis, prosthesis, medical treatment, injection of botulinum toxin and psychological therapies
  • The patients are hospitalized for further investigation and treatment, if and when needed

Working Days

Spinal cord injury outpatient clinic works on an appointment calendar and serves on Mondays between 13.00-16.00.

How to Apply?

After scheduling an appointment from Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department of Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, by dialing 0(212) 414 20 00, the patient is first examined in the general outpatient clinic and directed to the spinal cord injury outpatient clinic, if indicated.