Cerebral Palsy Working Group

It has been established by the relevant specialists from the university and training hospitals of Istanbul with the purpose of “accumulating multidisciplinary knowledge and experience on Cerebral Palsy and other childhood developmental retardations and making attempts to generalize this approach“.

This group comes together by conducting regular training conferences since February 2004. The conferences are open primarily to the participation of specialists and residents from the Departments of Pediatric Neurology, Orthopedics, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation studying on the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral palsy and other childhood developmental retardations as well as of all specialists and residents studying on relevant fields (Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Physiotherapy, etc.).

The activities of “Cerebral Palsy Working Group” in Istanbul, which was established under the umbrella of Turkish Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Association in 2007, are carried out by the specialists of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation who are also member of Istanbul Cerebral Palsy Work Group.

The coordinator of Istanbul Cerebral Palsy Working Group is Prof. Dr. Resa Aydın.

Objectives and Targets of Istanbul Cerebral Palsy Work Group


To provide patients with CP in our country with more effective treatment and rehabilitation opportunities


  • To contribute development of multidisciplinary treatment approach in the treatment of patients with CP in our country
  • To conduct trainings for physicians, health care personnel, parents and patients about the treatment of CP
  • To conduct provincial-wide and country-wide multicenter and multidisciplinary studies on early diagnosis, evaluation and reducing secondary comorbidities of CP

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